Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Birthdays, Craft Fairs and More!

Whew! Well it has certainly been a crazy week and a half. I shared with you all the first day of my craft fair adventure. Let me share with you how it all turned out.
I'm late, I'm late for a very important blog
The Farmington Founders Festival has certainly seen better days. As I kid I remember riding my bike downtown to meet up with friends and explore the miles and parking lots of booths. Back then it was four days long and the streets were packed with people not only from Farmington but from all the surrounding cities too.

Unfortunately these days the festival isn't as epic as it used to be. Now only two days, Friday and Saturday and it's much less of a draw. I really could complain about the organizers of the festival. Many people (citizens and vendors alike) were confused about the schedule. Some people thought it was still open on Sunday, others thought it was open Thursday too. Some vendors didn't even know there was a parade on Saturday. Also, they decided to have the festival on the same week as the Ann Arbor Art Fair, which is the biggest art fair in probably a 100 mile radius.

The last night of the fair
I don't want to bash the festival, or give you the impression that I didn't have tons of fun. I loved my experience there. I saw some old friends and met some great people. I had an old high school friend who lives out of state send his mother to my booth to say hi. She even bought a pair of earrings. It was pretty adorable actually, and amazing humbling that friends I haven't talked to in so long are still trying to be supportive. People...they're generally the best part of anything I do. I had a sign out indicating I was a local artist from Farmington and lots of people came in wanting to support their city. It was pretty cool.

My family was pretty amazing too. They dropped everything over the weekend to help me set up the tent and booth. My mom helped me gather all the supplies I needed. My step-dad ran around trying to find the right size tent. They were there all weekend, giving me breaks and bringing me food. My lil sister, who is 15 and on summer break from school, woke up early on Friday and came down and helped me set up the booth. She hung out with me all morning. Unlike most teenage girls I can think of, not once did she complain or bemoan having to get up early and essentially work.
I made this custom necklace for my sis as a thank you for helping out at the booth.
I even had two aunts and my grandma stop by the booth. My business really is a family run affair. They are always behind me 100% and I could never ask for more from them. I am an amazingly lucky girl. :)

On to other news....

Monday was my birthday. I'm 28 now. lol

It seems super weird to me ever year I get older.  I was told as at a very young age that I had a lot of hurdles to jump and living to a ripe old age like everyone else was going be pretty difficult. Now that I am almost thirty, each year I get to be older feels like an epic accomplishment and a great gift.

I give most of the credit to my mom, who is my biggest supporter. But again I have to say I am truly blessed to have the family I do, and even more fortunate to have the network of friends who are just as supportive. If you are a family member or a friend and are reading this, I hope you know how much I thank you :)

Sometimes my life feels like a fairytale...Apple anyone?

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