Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rain Rain go away!

I feel I bit like this mangled daisy at the moment
Ok so I'm going to mix metaphors for a second.  Mother Nature ruins my best laid plans. I had hoped to get all of my new merchandise photographed and up on my etsy shop by the end of the week. Between the major clothes washing and cleaning I had to do post camp and Mother Natures rash of spotty thunderstorms and rain showers I have yet to take a single picture :(
I should expect no less though. I mean this is Michigan, where weathermen routinely use the phrase "if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes".

I managed to take these pictures at camp last week
So I'll keep a weather eye out and do what I can to get these new pieces ready for you all to see. Maybe I can get some pictures between storms today....ROLL OF THUNDER....maybe not, lol. (Yeah that literally just happened as I typed haha). Well, the silver lining of this cloud is that I will be able to work on a new exciting line inspired by some awesome music, without the distraction of the beautiful outdoors. 

See the lil bee I caught ^ so cute!
How about a little description of the upcoming jewelry lines from KMarieJewelry. Well the first new line is kind of a spin off of my Art Nouveau line. Instead of beautiful ladies in my copper, brass  and silver frames there will be one of a kind antique maps inside each one. They will still have beautiful inspirational quotes and adorned with cute charms and sparklies.

Great colors are always found in nature.
The next new line I like to call Enchanted Charms. They are chain necklaces with a large circle at the center. Dangling off these circles are a collection of charms and beads. For example there is a Parisian Enchanted Charms necklace with a copper chain and center circle that hold a silver Eiffel Tower charm, and a brass fluer di lis charm, completed with a wooden carved key. Keep an eye out for it at my shop. 

Texture can be so inspiring.
So keep your eyes peeled. There's lots of great new stuff coming out from KMarieJewelry. I'll be sure to keep you updated when the weather clears up and I can get some great pictures. Meanwhile, I have to clean up my workspace. I made quite the mess making all this new merchandise. Maybe once it's clean I'll give you guys a peek at where I work :)

See ya soon!

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