Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Excited!! Thrilled!! Enthused!! Optimistic!!

     Well, first let me say sorry. I've kind of been MIA on the blog lately. BUT to say I'm sorry I have some super exciting news to tell you all. First, there are some cool new designs coming out. One line is called Enchanted Charms and uses a simple circle to showcase a collection of charms on each necklace.  The other is called Journey's Guide and features one of a kind antique maps featuring cities and places from around the world. 
"The Parisian"
"Tiger Lily"

     The next BIG NEWS is that KMarie Jewelry will be at the Farmington Founders Festival July 20th and 21st! I'm so excited to be back at a booth at my hometown fair. Years ago when I first started in the jewelry biz (in middle school, see first blog post) my best friend and I got a booth to sell our friendship bracelets. We did pretty good, selling more pops and waters than bracelets, but it was an amazing experience. A few years later I went back and had my first booth with some big sales as KMarie Jewelry. I love being able to be a part of something that is celebrating my community and I am so excited to return to the fair. Okay, I need a thesaurus...but excited is a pretty appropriate word :)
oh, friendship bracelets
     Second announcement. I'm going to be participating in an event in Royal Oak, MI called Magnificent Merchandise Moves. It focuses on pairing local Michigan artisans with small boutiques and independent shops to boost local businesses. I will have the opportunity to sell my jewelry wholesale and get it out in local shops!! I gotta bust out the E word again...I am sooooo excited! lol 
Anyway, I got a lot to learn about wholesale strategies so if any of you got some tips or advice it would be greatly appreciated.
New things coming soon...
     Third...well I can't really talk about the third bit of exciting news. It involves a very inspiring local musician that it amazing and some new ventures for me. I should be able to announce the details next week, so be sure and check back.
"Honey Wheat"

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