Sunday, June 17, 2012

Beads, Beads, Beads

Rows of lampwork glass beads...

Piles and piles of beads everywhere!
Today I made my way to the International Gem and Jewelry Show being held over in Novi, Mi, just a few minutes away from me. 

      Boy, was that inspiration overload. Beads, beads, beads as far as the eye could see. This show comes around to my area of Southeast Michigan probably twice a year. Not only does it have loads of great deals on beads, but the show also has lots of fine jewelry for sale. 
        I went on the last day when there was only a few hours left. It was a bit of a mad house. But there were whole tables discounted 50-70% off!!
       A booth I usually stop at is one specializing in amber and turquoise jewelry set in silver. They have tons of rings and beautiful bracelets. The best part is that they're always ready to make a deal. Which is really the whole point of going to a show like this. I got a picture of a few of their rings, it's at the bottom there.
     There are lots of vendors selling beautiful Indian beads as well. Lots of lovely ladies flock in to the show just for those booths. The center picture is of some awesome carved roses they were selling.
The first picture is of a few strands I bought for myself :)
     This show is soooooo dangerous! I could spend so much money here. Today thankfully I stuck to my budget and only got a few things. But these carved mermaid beads were very tempting! 30$ a strand!!! 
Carved mermaids and roses! 30$ a strand!!!
mmmm...coral, I love coral.
Here is some of my haul from the show
     One thing they never have enough of is charms. I'm always looking for great unique charms that don't cost me an arm and a leg. I think my go to source these days for great charms is now With all the supply vendors on there I can just search for the shape, metal or finish of the charm I'm looking for and I can usually find something.  I just placed a pretty big order for about 10 different kinds of charms...unfortunately they're coming all the way from China. So, I will be anxiously awaiting their arrival!

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