Sunday, June 10, 2012

Your Journey's Just Beginning...

     I thought I would give you guys a sneak peak at what's being made here at KMarie Jewelry right now. I love to travel and I'm super inspired by just looking at the world around me. So I thought I should incorporate my love of the world into a new line of jewelry.

     Also, sometimes the world moves super fast and we forget what is being left behind. Physical paper maps are pretty much a thing of the past...that kind of makes me sad. I think they are beautiful in their own way. The colors, the lines and symbols have a certain graphic design to them. Once they're gone that style and design will be gone too.

     So here is my salute to Maps and the Great Wide World out there. See what ya can before it disappears...                               

The world's a
forest, in which all
lose their way;
though by a
different path
each goes astray.
-George Villiers

It is better
to travel
than to

The World is a book,
and those who
do not travel
read only a page.
-Saint Augustine

     Check out KMarieJewelery on at the end of the week to see the finished pieces!

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