Sunday, June 10, 2012

Inspiration Point - Alphonse Mucha

   I hope to make this a regular thing. I would like to profile the artists that inspire me. Every week I will talk about my favorite artists whether they be painters, graphic designers, musicians, poets, actors, writers, directors….etc. etc.  The greatest thing about creating things for a living is that what you create can inspire others to create. I know that when I see a great movie, hear an awesome song or see a beautiful piece of art I’m always inspired to create. I want to get to my desk and get to work!


This famous Mucha artwork has inspired many imitators.
        So, for my first inspirational artist I thought it fitting to profile someone who recently inspired a line of jewelry. His name is Alphonse Mucha. He was a Czech Artist who strongly influenced the Art Nouveau style. When I started to do a little more research on him for this post I found out that we were born on the same day! No wonder I like him so much :)

      I was drawn to his style because of the elegant yet bold graphic lines.  A lot of his work was seen in advertisements, on magazine covers and posters. The strong lines are great at drawing the eye and the feminine curves don’t hurt either. Mucha’s Art Nouveau style always seemed to me like a feminine counterpoint to the Art Deco style of graphic linear right angles.
      Yet another wonderful thing of Mucha’s work that I love is the way he portrayed women. They are strong, yet soft. They are playful and have great soul to them. Each woman is different and unique, a case of art imitating life. Their renaissance curves are drawn with strength but never loose their allure. Some have a royal air about them, other's are very down to earth, but they all seem special. It is the reason I thought his work was so perfect to use in a jewelry line. Every woman should feel the way Mucha portrayed his women.
Le Pater - Considered his greatest printed masterpiece.
      If you would like to see the jewelry I made that was inspired by the amazing Alphonse Mucha, you can find in at my store on Just click here:  Each piece has a piece of Mucha artwork. Some even come with an inspirational quote on the reverse to inspire you everyday.
Are you inspired yet?

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