Wednesday, June 20, 2012

R&R Time: Detroit Tigers

Comerica Park, Detroit, MI
      Last night I took some much needed Rest and Relaxation and a little break from making jewelry (sort of). My mom and I went to our first Tigers game of the season! Mama is pretty awesome, since I just mentioned that I had been wanting to go to a game and she went up stairs and bought some tickets for us. Doesn't hurt that she's a die hard fan either. I come from what you might call a Baseball Family. It all started with my Grandpa. He was an amazing first basemen in the Tigers farm team league back in the early 60's. But he settled down with his family and became an electrician. He actually worked on the lights at the Old Tigers Stadium too. Yeah, grandpa was pretty awesome.
Awesome carpet at HockeyTown
Menu cover :)
      It was a night game last night, so Mama and I got some dinner downtown before the game. We went to Hockeytown Cafe, because Mom said she'd never been there before. I mean if you're a Detroiter and you love D-Town sports you gotta go there at least once! It was packed, but they were on their game. We didn't have to wait very long and got our food in a flash! We got to our seats a half hour before the game started, goodies and snack in hand, ready for a great game.

      So, not to be too snarky but...I thought this was weird, ridiculous, and a wee bit stupid. Did you know that they now put up the words to the national anthem on the jumbo tron? I mean shouldn't we all know the words? 
     I'm just saying....

Great view right?


  Oh, by the way...this was my view from my seat. LOL Sometimes it's not so much fun being short. Luckily there were open seats down the row so we moved to a better view. They were great seats....both of them. Below was my real view...without the large Boesch fan. Beautiful view of my beautiful Detroit.
My City


   The game was pretty good. (And here's where I geek out a lil) Verlander was off his usual game, but he's got a good team to back him up. We were up 6-0 until the 6th inning, then the Cardnials got on the board and made it 3-6. Which ended up being the final score.
Shout out to my friend Demetrios for working the beer hall, entertaining everyone and being on top of things and getting me some drinks. 
Yay! Mama we won!
Made this lil necklace just before the game. I kind of love it. What do you think?

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