Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hello :) This is me!

       Hello All! My name is Kel Marie and I’m starting my first arts and crafts blog. Before I dive in to all the pretty things, I’d like to tell you a little about myself. Even though I've graduated from college I still live with my family. They are a strong support system I could not be more grateful for. I grew up and still live in the suburbs outside of Detroit, Michigan.  It’s a beautiful place to live and I hope to be sharing with you some of the amazing talent that is right here in Michigan.
I like to take pictures of flowers..... is another pretty rose

     My love of the arts and crafting developed when I was pretty young. Diagnosed with a liver disease and a gastrointestinal disease at the age of 7 I spent a lot of my childhood sick at home and in and out of hospitals. Crafting and creating artworks was what kept me inspired as I recovered. It was kind of like therapy for me. My creativity was an outlet that let me infuse beauty into a not so beautiful situation.
great way to try out color combos.
Still making friendship bracelets...

       I started my first craft business when I was in middle school, selling friendship bracelets at lunch. Me and my friend made enough money to even have a booth at the local summer craft fair. We did custom color combos, added cute charms and had ten different styles! To this day I’m pretty proud of my first foray in to the business of crafts. I have found great joy in making jewelry ever since. 
An Art Nouveau inspired pendant

Although, these days my materials have evolved from string to base metals, chain, and various multi-media craft supplies. Creating jewelry is still a challenge and a satisfying one at that. Really, I find happiness in crafting all sorts of things. Stationary, journals, cute boxes, purses, pillows, curtains, illustrations, cartoons and photographs are just some of the things I’ve gotten my artsy little hands on. Occasionally I even refinish furniture!

My handmade stationary

       I’m excited to join the crazy talented community of artsy bloggers out there. Stay tuned because lots of fun pretty things will be coming your way.

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